Cookies Policy

The services provided on are provided by CMS Financial LLC, a company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates, under license number 561501, regulated by the United Arab Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority as a trading broker for over-the-counter derivatives contracts and foreign exchange spot markets, under license number 20200000144 whose registered address is,1403, Floor 14, International Business Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box-111884 (CMS Financial LLC).

Over-the-counter margined derivative contracts including contracts for difference and spot foreign exchange are complex instruments. They come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should understand how these products work, and whether you can afford to incur losses and have the appropriate risk appetite. We recommend you seek professional advice before investing

1. Purpose of Using Cookies

When we conducting business interactions with our clients, our primary mode of operation occurs through the use of the internet, facilitated by devices such as computers and mobile devices (hereafter collectively referred to as “devices”). To ensure the proper functionality of our websites and to gain insights into the behaviors of our clients and other users, we occasionally place small data files known as cookies. This Cookies outlines the types of cookies we use, including consent requirements, and provides information on how you can exercise control over them.

2. Definition of Cookies

A “cookie” refers to a small text file that a website saves on your web browser when you visit the site.

3. Types of Cookies

The following are the types of cookies and other analytic tools we use:

  1. Necessary Cookies: These cookies are activated by default and are essential to enable you to move around our websites and utilize their functionalities. Without these cookies, critical security features cannot be initiated, and the services you have specifically requested cannot be provided. In accordance with regulatory guidance, your consent is not required for the utilization of these cookies.
  2. Statistics Cookies: Performance cookies gather data concerning the manner in which visitors interact with our websites and Platform. In most cases, statistics cookies are used to enhance the user-friendliness of a website and enhance your overall experience. These cookies exclusively aggregate and anonymize the information. Nevertheless, theoretically, this information could potentially be correlated with other data to identify individuals. Therefore, in compliance with regulatory guidelines, we require your consent for the use of these cookies. Examples of statistics cookies used include the following:


  1. Data regarding the internet browsers and operating systems used by visitors.
  2. Which pages are most frequently visited by users.
  3. The domain name of any previously visited website and the specific pages viewed.
  4. Which email or web page visitors clicked through from in order to visit our websites.
  5. Whether visitors opened an email that we sent to them.

Analytic cookies monitor and record browsing behaviors. These cookies may also provide insight into how many of our visitors are male or female and summarize the number of visitors falling within specific age groups or certain interest categories. However, this information remains unassociated with any specific individuals; it merely illustrates the proportion of our visitors within particular categories.

This information is important to us as it helps us understand how our online advertising is working. We do not utilize this information for the purpose of delivering personalized advertisements to you.

In accordance with regulatory guidance, we mandate the necessity of obtaining your consent for the use of these cookies.

Preferences Cookies: Preferences cookies enable our websites and platform to remember the choices you make, such as language selection, geographic location, and user-specific preferences (e.g., text size, fonts, and other customizable aspects of web pages). Consequently, our functionality cookies enable us to provide you with improved and personalized features.

Certain preferences cookies store your username, for instance, the “keep me logged in” option when you log in, which saves your email and password and will keep you logged into your account until you manually sign out. In compliance with regulatory guidance, we require your consent for the use of these cookies.

Marketing Cookies: We monitor the browsing patterns of your website logs to provide tailored (i.e., interest-based) advertising. These logs are used to restrict the frequency with which you see a particular advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These logs are placed by advertising networks with our authorization. They retain the knowledge that you have visited our website, and this data may be disclosed to other entities, such as publishers.

In accordance with regulatory guidance, we mandate the necessity of obtaining your consent for the use of these cookies.

4. How to Control Cookies

You have the option to delete all cookies that are currently stored on your computer, and you can configure most web browsers to block their placement. However, it’s important to acknowledge that if you choose to do so, you might need to manually reconfigure certain preferences each time you visit our website or use our platform.
Furthermore, a number of services and functionalities we offer may not work.

CMS Financial LLC takes cyber security matters seriously and is fully dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. For detailed information on how we manage your data, please refer to the Privacy Policy available on our website.