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The forex market is a global over-the-counter marketplace, boasting a daily turnover of over $5 trillion. This market ranks as the most liquid, offering a platform for seamless currency exchange.

The forex market transcends time zones, creating a dynamic environment with constantly shifting price quotes.


Dive into commodities trading, where essential assets like Gold, Silver, and Oil take center stage.We offer spot and future contracts to meet your needs. Our spot contracts remove expiry concerns, while our future contracts feature auto-roll functionality, saving you the need to reopen trades on subsequent contracts.


Embrace Index CFD Trading with CMS Financial, where innovation meets opportunity.

Indices serve as economic, industrial, or sectoral performance barometers. An index comprises a collection of publicly traded stocks to gauge broader market trends

Stock CFDs

CMS Financial provides access to trade a growing list of equities as Stock CFDs commission free. A trader can buy and sell stocks online without owning the underlying asset and benefit from both rising and falling shares across many sectors such as Technology, Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, Industrial and Consumer products.

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