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The price direction of Hydrocarbons is dictated by a variety of events ranging from international politics to simple supply and demand issues. This kind of uncertainty leads to market volatility and hence trading opportunities. DGCX offers Mini and Standard both type of contracts for energy commodities. The difference between energy commodities and other commodities such as sugar and wheat is that energy commodities are non-renewable. These types of commodities are expensive to source out of the ground, as each unit incurs greater production costs to find, develop, and bring to market. With ever increasing macro environment issues, be it uncertainties in the Middle East, a pipeline leak, a refinery fire in the north-sea, or rising demand in Asia, all have the potential of driving price movements across all energy product derivatives.

Below are the products offered by DGCX :

  • WTI Crude Oil Futures
  • Mini-Polypropylene (PP) Futures
  • Mini WTI Crude Oil Futures
  • Polypropylene (PP) Futures
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