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EUR USD Weekly Analysis

EUR USD - A Bearish Rangebound market on the Weekly Outlook

On the EUR USD Weekly Analysis of the pair which is currently showing a  distinct bearish momentum on the weekly timeframe. Notably, the price has positioned itself below both the 50 and 200-day moving averages, underlining the prevailing bearish trend in the market.

Scenario 1: Upside Potential:

Should the price continue its ascent, a retest of the 1.09592 level is likely. A successful test at this level could potentially trigger further upward movement, targeting the levels at 1.09829 and 1.10122. These milestones could pave the way for a push towards the 1.10308 level. Further bullish momentum could potentially extend the price to higher levels such as 1.10443 and 1.10566.

Scenario 2: Downside Probabilities:

Conversely, should the price undergo a reversal from its present position, a downward trajectory may ensue. The initial level to observe would be the 1.09265 mark, with a successful test possibly leading to a continuation of the decline towards 1.09171. Beyond this, the next significant support level emerges at 1.09142. Contingent upon market sentiment, the price might explore a range spanning from 1.08960 to 1.08640. Critical support levels situated between 1.08446 and 1.08231 warrant careful monitoring, and a breach of these levels might signify an increased potential for further bearish movement. Notably, 1.08819 assumes significance as a pivotal bearish support zone.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently portrays a range of indecision. It’s important to note that the weekly timeframe reveals a reduction in momentum, suggesting a potential shift in market dynamics.

In light of the current technical landscape, the EUR/USD currency pair presents a scenario where both bullish and bearish potentials exist. The interplay between the price and the outlined key levels, alongside the evolving RSI dynamics, will significantly influence the currency pair’s trajectory. Astute monitoring of these elements will enable traders to navigate the evolving market conditions with greater precision and insight.

Key levels to watch are 1.09840,1.09416,1.09171,1.08960,1.10443,1.11552,1.11191

Level 11.091711.09592
Level 21.089601.09829
Level 31.084461.10122