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Fraud warning

and suspicious behavior reporting

Fraud Warning and Suspicious Behaviour Reporting

This information is provided to empower the public in safeguarding themselves against

fraudulent activities involving institutions or individuals falsely representing CMS Financial

LLC and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “CMS Financial”).

Communication and Identity Verification:

CMS Financial employees exclusively conduct business through email addresses affiliated

with CMS Financials’ registered domains. They do not engage in CMS Financial-related

interactions on social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Telegram,

Instagram, or Twitter) or via public email services like Gmail or Hotmail. At no time will CMS

Financial or its employees initiate contact through social media messages or emails from

public email systems requesting the disclosure of confidential or personal information,

including account details or passwords.

Cautious Approach:

In the event that you receive unsolicited communication from individuals or entities claiming

to be associated with CMS Financial, offering financial services, trading services, loans, or

requesting monetary deposits, along with soliciting sensitive information such as account

details, personal information, or passwords, exercise prudence. These individuals or entities

may be involved in fraudulent activities or identity theft. Prior to taking any further action,

such as fund transfers or disclosing information, it is essential to validate the identity of the

relevant individuals or institutions. If you suspect fraudulent or identity theft-related

behaviour, please report it promptly to your local law enforcement authority.

Website Authentication:

CMS Financial’s official websites operate independently and are not affiliated with any other

websites that may bear a resemblance to CMS Financial’s official sites. You can access CMS

Financial’s websites by directly typing the relevant domain name into your browser’s address

bar or by bookmarking the genuine website. We strongly advise against accessing CMS

Financial websites through hyperlinks provided in emails, text messages, social media

messages/platforms, or pop-up windows.

Remaining Vigilant:

Stay vigilant and keep these points in mind:

CMS Financial does not conduct business through social media platforms or public email


Do not click on hyperlinks sent via social media platforms or public email services claiming to

be from CMS Financial.

Never share personal, confidential, or financial information via social media platforms or in

response to emails from public email services.

Be cautious of unsolicited approaches via public email services, social media, or telephone,

especially when asked to provide personal, confidential, or financial information or are

pressured to act quickly.

Never transfer money intended for CMS Financial to a beneficiary that is not associated withPage 2 of 2

CMS Financial LLC is regulated by The Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA), UAE

CMS Financial companies or to a different bank account than the one you have used


Do not transfer money to a bank account upon request from an individual claiming to

represent CMS Financial without verifying the authenticity of the request.

If you are suspicious of anyone claiming to represent CMS Financial, contact us using the

provided phone number or email address for verification.

Suspicious Behavior Involving CMS Financial Employees:

CMS Financial takes reports of suspicious behaviour, including bribery, corruption, or undue

influence exercised by CMS Financial employees, very seriously. If you wish to report any

suspicious behaviour involving an employee of CMS Financial, please notify us via email at

[email protected] or by calling +971 4 447 4712.

Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us, and we encourage you to remain

vigilant and report any suspicious activity.