Welcome to CMS Financial.
26th April 2018

Business Bay

111884, Dubai, UAE

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License & Regulations

Due to market regulations and price/trade transparency requirements, all legitimate brokers, market participants and financial establishments are required to be regulated either by central banks or local financial market regulators in which they are active in.

It is paramount for clients to know that they are involved with a financial establishment that they can trust, an establishment that adheres to the respective financial, legal and regulatory framework. For a solid framework results in a foundation that can withstand any market jitters be due to market uncertainties or economic downturns.

CMS Financial licenses:

  • Registered in 2004 under the Dubai Economic Department
    • Registration number: 69953
    • Brokerage license number: 561501
    • International brokerage activity code: 56157819
  • DCCI membership number: 90956
  • DGCX membership: License No. 613 (DGCX is an exchange market licensed and regulated by Emirate Securities and Commodities Authority)
  • Bourse Africa membership: Trading Member number 025 (Bourse Africa is regulated by Financial Services Commission of Mauritius)
  • SCA License and Regulation: License No. 706059