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23rd May 2018

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CMS Academy

CMS’s trading academy will open your horizon to the knowhow of trading and provides the means to embark on a lifestyle change for the better!

Before we get in to it, you need to understand a few basics!
The financial markets have many names such as the stock market, capital markets, and even just the markets. In layman’s term, the financial markets are where buyers and sellers can participate in the trading of assets or financial instruments such as, Bonds (Debt), Equity (Stock), Currencies, (Foreign Exchange, FX, FOREX), Energy (Oil and Gas) Commodities (Grains, Metals, Softs).

There are different types of markets, different participants, different products and even different types of investors. To understand the markets fully, it’s important to understand all the players involved.

Please choose from the topics below to start your trading course with CMS trading academy.

  • Introduction to trading
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk